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The Workshop

The workshop is renowned for the quality of its jewellery: everything produced here is distinguished by its originality, the use of carefully chosen materials, and the innovative forms that make Cipolato’s creations unique.

As well as famous historical items of jewellery and traditional Venetian designs, Sigfrido and Elena Cipolato take inspiration from their surroundings, interpreting them in fresh and original ways.

When commissioned to design a new work, a draft design is prepared; when the drawing is approved, the project is then developed with feedback from the client at each major step of the process to ensure that the work will fully satisfy their requirements.

In the case of ornaments for the home, the client may be asked for information about the context in which the work will be displayed.

Magnifying glasses of varying strengths are used to achieve the details and level of perfection that characterise their work.

Repairs, cleaning, polishing, and revaluation of jewels and silverware, as well as re-threading of pearl and stone necklaces are also carried out.


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